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  • pepe
    xiaomi pillow
    Xiaomi Road Pillow is boasting first-class workmanship in every detail. Nifco's professional, two-end switching materials are manufactured in Japan and are extremely durable and durable in a wide range of environmental conditions. The inside is filled with a clean, natural, extremely flexible and breathable Rayong latex. After two-fold detailed trimming, the final latex particles achieve even higher levels of comfort. Xiaomi pillow fabrics are typical of double S & Z fabrics to provide a strong, durable and breathable surface. Thanks to the polygene treatment, bacterial growth and growth does not occur in the cushion even after multiple washings.
    All the materials used in the manufacture have undergone rigorous testing of the presence of harmful substances and the results have confirmed compliance with international standards.

    Sep 24,2018

  • HitsDM
    Excellent product
    Comfortable travel pillow,Actually supports neck and head!
    Looks great, pleasant to the touch, no odor.It was comfortable overall and sturdier than most travel pillows I've used.

    Jan 02,2019

  • Gabriele
    xiaomi travelling pillow
    really sensitive cotton pillow beige colour looks great package simple and quick trip lithuania
    a bit heavy

    Aug 10,2018

  • Jorge Queiroz
    small for a European
    very well packed, excellent materials, very light.
    it's a great pillow to use on a plain
    I'm tall and large (very handsome, though) and the pillow seems a little small. I need to put my neck almost in 90 degrees to rest. but I'm tall and I have a giraffe neck

    Aug 07,2018

  • Gabriele
    xiaomi cotton pillow travelling
    easy to use beige sympatic, outside can be washed separately
    a bit heavy so to carry it is not very comfortable

    Aug 10,2018