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  • The Analyst Buyer
    Long y Resistant
    Con este cable de datos micro USB, podremos cargar el dispositivo Android cómodamente, ya que tiene una longitud de 3 metros y no tendremos que depender tanto de un enchufe o toma de un PC cercano.
    En el coche lo utilizo cuando uso mi teléfono como GPS en un soporte alejado de la toma USB. No tengo el cable molestándome.
    Está fabricado exteriormente en nylon lo que lo hace robusto y resistente. disponible en diez colores.
    El producto tiene calidad y llegó en perfectas condiciones, además, lo enviaron en 10 días
    Merece la pena por calidad y precio.

    Jul 28,2019

  • iMonstaa
    I chose this rating because the charger is AWESOME. Very sturdy and very nice to the touch.
    Surprisingly good for the price point.


    3 meters long!!!
    Nice looking (matches my walls).
    High quality.


    Not so fast

    Sep 24,2019

  • Andres Becker
    Loved this little adapter, Took it with me to Italy and had no issues whatsoever with it fitting into outlets, Used the USB ports and they charged up my phone and portable charger quickly, Keep in mind that the black version has the USB-C port while the blue one does not

    Oct 22,2018

  • Coley
    I ended up buying two of these for a three week trip around Europe and it was great, I'm definitely glad I chose an adapter with the USB ports, it was great for charging all my devices at night without needed separate plugs for everything

    Apr 26,2018

  • Chris K.
    Very pleased strong and reliable cable.
    As described.
    Works in every charger or pc.
    For charging I would suggest 1A or higher due to the length of the cable in order to get decent charging speed. I would buy again.

    Jan 28,2020

  • Felicia "Fefe"
    It worked very well for connecting my US appliances to UK and EU -LRB- Finland and Italy -RRB- plug sockets.The USB ports are also extremely convenient for charging electronics

    Apr 24,2018

  • A.C.
    This cable is beautiful, sturdy, simple, practical, useful, inexpensive and guarantees a reasonable recharge speed even with its 3 meters length.

    Sep 22,2019

  • sako
    I connect this cable to my USB plug in my car to recharge an old smartphone with dashcommand application for my ODB connector to inform me about engine performance every time.
    The cable is enougth in lenght because I can hide it behind the dashboard. I'll recommend to all consumer.

    Sep 10,2018

  • JClark
    I'd like to write my experience immediately after I got these two items but Amazon said `` this item can only have a limited review post'' I did not understand why

    Sep 08,2018

  • david
    Good cable
    Hello, i can recomend this one, materials are normal for the price and the cable do the job pretty good also the color is great.

    Jun 30,2019