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  • Edward101
    Seems pretty solid.
    First off it got here very quickly! I was really surprised with this product. I have always thought that this type that plugs into the cigarette lighter would be too heavy. But this wasn’t and held my phone perfectly. It was pretty easy to put together, it was a perfect fit for my cute car. Doesn’t have to mount it to the glass or anything. Simply insert in the cigarette lighter and it stays firm. When I use maps on my phone I wanted something I could glance to and not just listen for down in my cup holder. Gets the job done. Great deal for the money. Very pleased.

    Jul 03,2019

  • TED Tiffany
    Great product.
    This is the best phone holder I've ever purchased. It is simple and I have been using it for the past 3 weeks and it never fell off the car vent or let go of the phone. It is not quite as one touch as they claim but is still easy to use and can work with one hand. Have used it on a rental car and it also worked well. Great little portable tool without the use of suction cups that, at least for me, always seem to have to be adjusted, this has sat in my car for the entire time I have owned it and other than adjusting angle have done nothing else to it. Great product.

    Jul 13,2019

  • D. Steager
    nice product
    I love this item, loved the fact that the holder stays firmly in place once positioned. This item is a perfect fit. It adjusts so I can see my phone while I use google maps while it charges my phone. I've tried multiple phone mounting options in the past and have been disappointed in the performance/quality of most. This holder is pretty simple and strong. assembly instructions would have been nice. Took me a while to realize I had to use force to assemble. Recommended that my daughter get one.

    Jun 24,2019

  • Diogo Oliveira
    Good Quality product
    The shipping of the product was fast and at a good price, and it came well packaged. The product works as expected, corresponding to its positive description.

    Aug 20,2019

  • Phone car holder
    Phone car holder
    Good product. The box was like o show in vídeo but was everything ok.
    Ships very fast.
    Good seller.

    Oct 03,2019

  • DartyJay
    Pohne Holder
    while unsuspected phone holder but looks nice so the snake will serve well

    Jul 30,2019

  • Eddie
    Ich benutze die Halterung in unserem neuen Golf, da die rote Farbe gut passt. Die Halterung könnte etwas stabiler sein, aber die Funktion beruht halt "nur" auf Schwerkraft. Für eine Lederhülle bietet die Halterung leider nicht genug Platz, aber das ist nicht weiter tragisch. Ich würde mir die Halterung nochmal kaufen.

    Jul 05,2020

  • OrlandoMFS
    Would recommend to a friend or anyone!
    The phone holders for cars that stick on to the dash board never ended up working out so the clip on this is great! Plus it’s not expensive! Shipping was great, would recommend!

    Jul 06,2019

  • Popa Nicuşor
    It is ok for its value. The matterials it's made could be better, but it is ok.

    Aug 21,2019

  • K.K
    car mobile mount
    Not bad at all for the price you get it. Hope that it will last enough.

    Oct 24,2019