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  • DefTech
    Looks Decent, but Poor Functionality and Accuracy
    I received both controllers, and they look decent.... Unfortunately, one of the controllers has a small cosmetic dent in the plastic by the right-side D-pad. Also, both controllers have slight input issues, where the left-side D-pad button will sometimes register an "up" entry. This can be pretty annoying for games like Kirby where the up-button has a specific function, or Contra, where you might want to aim down while moving left. The controllers were very cheap, and I got what I paid for.

    After testing both controllers over a weekend, the "A" and "B" buttons began to feel very squishy. I removed the four screws on the back of each controller to see that the controller board was mainly held down by only 1 screw, and that the side of the board behind the "A" and "B" was being bent back from use. The area behind those buttons was mostly empty space, aside from a little plastic backing to keep it from being pushed to the back of the controller shell.

    These controllers are barely passable for gaming. If you are a retro video game enthusiast, or want to use these for emulation, I would pass unless you are an extremely casual gamer. I suggest finding an original NES controller and buying a good NES to USB adapter. I hear RetroUSB makes some good ones, but there are cheaper models made by Tomee and some unbranded ones that might fit the budget better.

    Oct 14,2018

  • людмила
    2Pcs Classic USB Controller NES
    Два достаточно неплохих USB контроллера NES. Очень хорошее качество. Мне очень понравилось. Советую всем!!!

    Dec 05,2018

  • Vladislav
    Classic USB Controller
    Неплохой геймпад, хорошее качество. Очень мне пригодился, планирую покупать еще, и всем советую к покупке.

    Jul 30,2019

  • Triron
    Used these controllers worked out perfectly for my raspberry pi retopie gaming box.

    Feb 22,2019

  • John Fabs
    USB controllers
    Very please with the transaction and the product. High quality product.

    Nov 18,2018

  • R
    The controllers works very good, but i only received one,
    The price is ok

    I give it 4 stars because I only got one

    Aug 29,2018