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  • Juan Colilla
    Perfect Neutral Router
    - High bandwidth
    - MIMO technology
    - English app Mi Wi-Fi
    - QoS features by "Game", "Video", "Web browsing" and "Auto".
    - Photo wireless auto backup from your devices.
    - 1TB drive
    - Torrent and file downloader, just paste the URL from your Smartphone, tablet or PC.
    - Price very competitive for it, but now the Mi Router HD it's out, even cheaper and better hahaha
    - Very very very wide covering Wi-Fi (2'4GHz), nice 5GHz bandwith.
    - Dual Band ^^
    - Nice ventilation and very nice looking.
    - USB port for cameras and other devices.
    - SAMBA, DLNA, Mac TimeMachine, AdBlocker, a lot of useful plugins (not third party but :( )
    - Very high security features.
    - Regulable antenna power strength
    - 1 WAN 3 LAN Gigabit Ports (1.000 Megabits)
    - Web UI Chinesse (may use Google Translate within the browser to use it).
    - The app have a lot of features that the Web doesn't have, and also at the inverse.
    - At a certain distance, if Dual Wi-Fi enabled (same SSID for 2'4 and 5GHz) your device may jump from one to other loosing it's conecto for a minute.

    Jan 25,2017

  • B.M.
    Вне конкуренции
    - Мощный стабильный сигнал Wi-Fi в 2.5 и 5 Ггц диапазоне.
    - Емкий встроенный накопитель с возможностью удаленного доступа
    - Встроенный торрент-клиент с возможностью удаленного добавления закачек
    - Тихий
    - Стабильный
    - Нет кучи слепящих и раздражающих диодов
    - Вэб интерфейс только на китайском.

    Apr 24,2016

  • Mikolaj
    Xiaomi Mi Router Rus review small
    - very fast
    - 2.4 Ghz + 5GHz working at the same time
    - good performance
    - easy too build network at home
    - good looking
    - good HDD Seaget inside
    - external usb HDD
    - mobile, windows and other applications !
    - web interface in chinese (google page translate will help you)

    Jul 14,2016

  • Dmitry
    Xiaomi Mi WiFi r2d
    Скорость работы маршрутизатора.
    Мощное железо.
    Gigabit Ethernet 3 port.
    Простота настройки.
    Тихий в работе.
    Умеренный нагрев.
    Отличный дизайн.
    Встроенный USB-порт.
    Прочная заводская упаковка.
    Только китайский язык интерфейса.
    Ограниченный функционал при мощном железе.
    Ограниченное количество параметров настройки.

    Jul 30,2016

  • Sergio
    All-new XiaoMi Mi WiFi Router
    great product of high quality , easy to set up, time machine , DLNA , ssh, manager torrents , copy photos from mobile security , has it all and very low for a price
    something heavy and size

    Sep 29,2015

  • Dmitry
    Very good
    Very good router, easy to build home media network, very fast, stable and good option about joining 2 range in one with automatic swiching betweene them.
    Very good router, easy to build home media network, very fast, stable and good option about joining 2 range in one with automatic swiching betweene them.

    Feb 24,2016

  • Wei
    Easy to use
    * Back up pictures from the cell phone on the fly
    * Easy setup
    * Can download torrent file directly to the router
    * the miwifi app hard to use

    Oct 20,2015

  • redfury
    el mejor router con disco duro
    - Barato para lo que ofrece.
    - Muy buena calidad.
    - Es rápido y silencioso.
    - Muchos más barato que el Apple Time Capsule ofreciendo casi lo mismo.
    - Muy recomendable.
    - Sólo idioma Chino, pero con ayuda del traductor de google se solventa.
    - Solo disponible en color blanco.
    - 3 puertos gigabit en vez de cuatro.
    - Enchufe americano.

    Jun 12,2016

  • Hin
    Great router++
    The design is compact and sleek.
    MiTv/Mi Box to read directly into the hard disk

    Nov 24,2015

  • Alistair
    Easy to set up after having chrome translate. There are many forum post on how to setup and use router.
    All in Chinese but chrome translate works well.

    Dec 10,2015