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  • Cortney S. Hamilton
    This glass screen definitely is better then the rest not only does the metal frame make it more sturdy when it gets a crack in it you really have to look at it to see where it's at I literally pulled it off thinking the crack must be under the screen in the process like most of them are cracked more but when I put pushed it back down and you still can barely see the new cracks i made, End it took dropping it flat on its face on the concrete surface to get the hairline crack that you could barely see other products I have gotten would've completely smashed doing their job but making you have to buy another one right away this one I don't have to get another one right away

    Jun 10,2018

  • Charles N
    the little piece of cloth to clean, and the instructions very well explained in a better way than other protection glasses I bougth before, the installation method it is novel since it will help very well to set the protective glass in its place without margin of error

    May 09,2018

  • Smittiff
    I read the instructions and they were quite intimidating, The detailed instructions made It seem that it had to be put on so perfectly or it would be a total failure and screw up the phone face, my new screen protector is on my phone and now I don't have to worry anymore

    Mar 13,2018

  • William A. Rasmussen II
    The screen protector fit great and had everything included I needed, to first clean the screen, great instructions to explain how to get it on straight, I just thought it was an easy thorough well explained product and hopefully will protect the screen very well

    Oct 11,2018

  • Apeebuns
    I was worried that I may have gone too cheap with this purchase, This is the best screen protector kit I have ever used, a dry cloth and a sticky paper to be absolutely sure that there is no dust remaining on the screen before application of the protector

    Oct 05,2018

  • Ing
    The instructions were clear, and the included wipes and stickers made it super easy to get the protector on without any troubles like bubbles or fingerprints on the sticky side, there's a second protector and set of materials included so it's all good

    Jul 18,2018

  • tamarys
    This is the best screen protector I've purchased to date, It's also the first screen protector that I've installed without one bubble or imperfection, I love it because it looks like the native screen, offers the glass protection and most of all

    Oct 13,2018

  • Momto4
    The two thin glass shields are each packaged in a neat plastic envelope, Installation instructions are clear, easily enough removed with the provided card, but that was straightforward and precise and makes me feel good about the product

    Apr 07,2018

  • Joey Jones
    well sealed and protecting the screen protector like crazy ..., Good instructions and little step-by-step manual made it super easy to install and I did it bubble free, Very good quality and great pricing and great overall product design

    Apr 20,2018

  • Miriah Barkle
    This really is a great screen protector, The instructions for putting it on are fantastic, I was able to get it on the first try without bubbles, and it definitely saved the phone's actual screen from being damaged, Excellent product

    Aug 11,2018